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Recently widowed for the eighth time, Tiffany is looking for a very short-term relationship with a man who is comfortable with firearms and explosives and enjoys rock climbing. As she puts it, "I'm in the market for a man with a death-defying personality."


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Brian is a lover of the sun and the outdoors. Now, after an 82 year career as a professional life guard and swim suit model, Brian is seeking a partner to join him in the shade of banana trees on his private island off the coast of Dutch Harbor, Alaska.


For the sixth consecutive year, has been awarded the prestigious Jeanne Calment Silver Medal for “Outstanding Customer Service to Super Geezers.”

The International Relationship and Compatibility Review has reported that Geezer Match is in negotiations to acquire the largest dating site in Vatican City. Watch this site for further information.

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Benjamin Giamatto, a seventh generation Chicagoan, comes to Geezer Match after a successful career in the  pharmaceutical distribution business. Benny’s speciality is providing assistance to Geezer Match members who are having difficult times breaking off unhealthy relationships. With Benny’s help, members can be assured that disengagements will be permanent. 

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